Rachel has been away sometime but now she's back!
Rachel will soon be bringing a free interactive story available for download!
Characters will be almost completely customizable!
This story will cater for Male to Female.
Unfortunatly Rachel doesn't know enough about Female to male transitions but is more than willing to write an interactive story. She just needs a little info from a few Female to males to get it going. If a female to male has written a story and would like to see it interactive DON'T HESITATE to email rachel! The date is Currently the 25th of march 2004,Release of this program is expected to be the 30th of march!
To get a copy emailed to you send rachel and email at
Or if you just want to know EXACTLY when it's released she'll email you asap!
This is not a story containing pictures, Everything is in text, Allowing you to use your imagination at least a little!


You will start as a male and you get transformed.
The type of transformation is upto you.
Forced, Magical, Willing.
You choose which way it goes!
Hair length, Hair color, Eye color, Bra cup size.
Heaps of clothing and accessories.
You can be slutty, wholesome, or just down right evil.

You can interact with other characters in the story, But just like in life you may just end up in trouble.
Characters will interact with depending on what you look like what your wearing and your current social status.